Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Longest Winter Ever!!

At this time of year, we should be frolicking in the grass and smelling the rain.  This year however, the ground is still covered in snow.  People are still in hibernation mode. 

Spring is my favorite season for many reasons.  I love that you can smell the dirt and grass again (strange maybe...but true). I love that our neighbors are suddenly visible again and the children are playing on the bay.  Bikes, scooters, basketballs and sidewalk chalk litter the lawn and I love it.  I love running out to the garden on a (sometimes) daily basis to check for new shoots poking through the soil.  At this point, I am longing for spring so much I can taste it. 

Last week, I did get a small taste of it when I flew out to the west coast for work.  It was a very busy two days but I got to see green grass and flowers and it was magnificent.  I know that it has to come here soon and when it does, I have warned people that I will have the worst case of spring fever ever known to man.  I may end up singing and spinning or skipping in the street.  If you see me.....feel free to join in.


mysweetprairie said...

i certainly will join in. let me tell you - when that snow FINALLY goes away, am heading to the schoolyard and COVERING myself in mud. I will just sit there in it and smell it and smile and smell it some more. I will smear it all over my face and forehead and back of my neck... and I bet you some onlooker will break down crying and join right in with me.


they call it 'the winter that won't go away'

anyhow - WOW - sorry for dumping lol Loved the flowers. : )
Monika in Saskatoonuvit.

kiddlebug said...

Monika - That is hilarious! I bet you won't be alone in the schoolyard mud. You'll have a crowd with you.